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Simple Lens Approximations
For the plano-convex lens, the focal length equals twice the radius of the convex surface. This is also true for the plano-concave; howerver, since the radius is negative, this results in a negative focal length: f = 2R
Simple Lens Approximations
For other forms of simple lenses, the following applies
(Note: 0 = power):1
= 0 = 1
Simple Lens Approximations For the double-convex or double-concave lens having equal radii, the focal length will equal the radius: R1 = R2 = f Simple Lens Approximations If two or more thin lenses are stacked close together, their powers (1/EFL) may be added:
0(1+2) = 01 = 02 = f(1+2) = f1 * f2
f1 + f2
Simple Lens Approximations If a substantial separation "d" exists between lenses, then:
f(1+2) = f1 * f2
f1 + f2 -d